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Client Centered

The first step is an initial call to identify the key issues and provide some background on what motivated you to contact us.  If there is a fit, we will schedule an initial meeting where we will dig deeper into where you would like to see your financial life in and collect some of the quantitative information we need to analyze and make recommendations.

In the second meeting, we will confirm that the future you have outlined aligned with what we heard and present specific recommendations for accomplishing those goals.  We will present strategies to help you toward your goals. Once the plan is implemented, we set regular reviews to make sure we are adhering to the plan or review any change in direction you envision. We provide updates on how the tax laws and current economic environment impact your plans.

If our message resonated with you and believe our process will put your financial future in a better place working with our team please either complete the contact information at the bottom of the page, call (310) 475-5854 x761, or email