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Would Your Spouse Be Able To Pick Up the Pieces?

Would Your Spouse Be Able To Pick Up the Pieces?

February 23, 2022

I have the word “planner” on my business card, so it goes without saying that there are instructions if I didn't come back from one of my camping trips. My wife has an instructional guide called “if I fall off a mountain” which she finds less than amusing. I regularly update these instructions as financial institutions change and new accounts are added. Here is a guide of what to include just in case you want to make your own checklist. It would not hurt to have a trusted contact in possession of this checklist in the case you were eaten by sharks while snorkeling. We all have our day, and I have taken two calls this month from surviving spouses. Spend a few minutes and help make a death just a little less difficult.


House - Confirmation titled correctly in the trust. Lender’s information and autopayment confirmation.

College Funds


Brokerage Accounts


Bank Accounts


Debts – Credit cards and auto loans


Health Savings Account – Location and receipts that could be reimbursed if desired


Retirement accounts – Location and instructions on combining with her own IRA.


Private investments – Location and liquidity terms


Property & Casualty company and broker info - I should be taken off so you are not paying for coverage.


Disability Insurance – Unlikely to pay a benefit in death but needs to cancel


Business Ownership – Agreement for who would purchase and the terms involved. Information on who would be able to provide the valuation.


CPA and Lawyers Information


Crypto Wallet – Passwords, PIN’s, keys, and instructions. Your beneficiary can contact customer service and notify them of your death.