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MassMutual Health Bridge Life Insurance Program

MassMutual Health Bridge Life Insurance Program

October 16, 2020

As we enter the third quarter of a year in which we experienced a pandemic, many health care workers were confronted with their own mortality. Life insurance is not something you think about most days but does need to be addressed. In addition to securing an appropriate term insurance policy, Mass Mutual is offering a nationwide expansion of HealthBridge, which provides free term life insurance to frontline healthcare workers who interact with patients battling COVID-19. In the previous few months, HealthBridge was available only to the states hardest hit by the pandemic. Now it will reach individuals in need of insurance nationwide. The program will assist eligible healthcare workers and volunteers in the US, providing them with protection and peace of mind as they continue to put the lives and well-being of others before their own.


MassMutual’s HealthBridge program includes free 3-year term life policies up to $25,000 for health care workers that meet eligibility requirements. Employees and qualifying volunteers that work for healthcare or emergency medical service providers who are actively testing, treating, or evaluating patients for the virus can apply for HealthBridge policies. This also includes those who have exposure to the virus and work at a licensed hospital, urgent care center, nursing home, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, eligible Federally Qualified Health Centers, temporary COVID-19 treatment centers and more.


Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Live or work in the US where HealthBridge is available
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 60
  • Have either a U.S. citizenship and residency or a permanent residency status
  • Be recently employed or volunteering at least 10 hours per month at a healthcare or emergency
  • medical service provider that tests, treats, or evaluates patients for COVID-19.
  • Work in a role with COVID-19 exposure risk
  • Have annual income of no more than $250,000


Eligible individuals can find out more and apply online by visiting the HealthBridge page on The application process is simple and quick which includes providing proof of employment. More information is available on the site regarding how qualified healthcare workers can receive this free financial protection, including volunteer eligibility requirements.