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Accessing national student loan data systems (NSLDS) file

November 11, 2019

For anyone pursuing federal loan forgiveness, you should access your federal loan file with the Department of Education. Surprisingly it comes as a text file and contains a history of all federal loans including months counted towards the public loan forgiveness program. As part of our consulting for medical residents, we take this text file and produce an analysis of various income driven repayment plans. If public service is the path elected, steps such as reducing adjusted gross income and diligent documentation are key . Start with the NSLDS file and contact us if you need to develop a plan

If you have federal loans please download your student loan federal file for us by logging in here: ( (must be done on a computer, not phone or tablet)

Hover over your name in the top right. Select "My Aid" and click "View Details" - after you click "View Details" - Select "Download My Aid Data" & continue - your .txt file should download to your computer,

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