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529 plan distributions to lower your golf handicap

September 12, 2018

In the unfortunate circumstance where your 18-year-old child who you have groomed to go to college decides to take a shot at being in a band instead of attending your alma mater what you do with their 529 plan? You can of course transfer the balance to another child within the family or an often overlooked option is transferring to yourself. There are several golf schools in the US which qualify for student loans and therefore they are eligible institutions four 529 plan withdrawals. There are two schools in Southern California located in Temecula and Carlsbad. To determine if the school is eligible you can search the Department of Education's website. While most parents are not in the enviable situation of having extra money for college, if there should be some additional funds due to a child choosing a lower-cost school or the recent stock market gains, you could apply some of the extra money towards a bachelor in golf course management at the Golf Academy of America which currently charges $8587 per semester.